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Let Me In!

Dog Groomer Eight Mile Plains

Let Me In!

I was doing my usual updating in the world of grooming as I do most nights on the computer and I came across an article which actually only ever crossed my mind once.
It was about In House calls.  No, not a mobile salon on wheels or a pick up service, this was a visit to the real pets home – in their environment – conducting their groom on their premises.  Whether in the  laundry, outside or on the kitchen bench, anywhere on the property of the pet.

I thought YES! I could do this!

I have clients with  pets that get so distressed in the car that a passenger has to be riding in the car just to calm the pet.  This service is a perfect example of the need to assist in cases like this. Iit  also has many positives like the household being uninterrupted by all that is nesessary for a trip to the groomers….find the pet, the collar, the lead, buckle up in  the car, drive, unbuckle the pet, lead on, get out of the car, walk to the salon, have a GREAT chat!, then get emotional leaving the pet, etc
YES there are some hurdles that my occur with In House calls.  These can be factors like pets feeling uneasy at times by such things as noises, children playing, horns, planes flying over, garbage trucks, etc but this can be overcome quickly by the trust the pet will start to have with you.  Best of all you become part of the family.  Its like being a Aunt. You join the family in a way like the weekly house cleaner, a well trusted, loyal, honest, disciplined and qualified professional.  The pet starts to recognise you as a friend, the one that devotes the whole time at the family household with them and them only and may even be rewarded with ball games and chasey, not just a liver treat.
I bring my tools and the client provides the premises.
You might not need an In House call every groom.  It might be that your circumstances for that week has changed and you now don’t have a car, or you are sick, or have a new baby, or just want to stay home. What ever your need, an In House call is another great grooming option.
So if you think this could be something you might consider, book and appointment and I’ll be right over.

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