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What do Dog Groomers Do?

Dog Grooming MacGregor

What do Dog Groomers Do?

Why grooming, don’t dogs clean themselves?

It may not seem like dogs are overly concerned with their hygiene, but most dogs
regularly groom themselves by licking dirt off their coat and removing clumps of fur
with their teeth. Nibbling at their skin stimulates the natural oil glands in their coats
and they also roll and shake to try and remove foreign objects. However, they can’t
keep themselves 100% fresh, and often, their cleaning habits can be a sign of other
health problems, both physical and psychological.

How do I know if my dog needs a little help?

All dogs need grooming, both self and assisted. Look out for matted and tangled fur
as this often means there is trapped dirt which can attract parasites and damage
their skin and cause disease. Also keep an eye out for excessive licking which could
indicate sores causing pain or irritation, and even emotional stress. You will come to
know your dog’s behaviours so if anything changes, always check their coat and

When does my dog need grooming?

Depending on the breed, hair length and type of coat, it’s normally a good idea to
have your dog groomed once a month. It can be a very time-consuming task which is
why most people prefer to find a service that can take care of this.
What can professional dog groomer’s do?
We work on a dog’s coat, ears and paws using a variety of tools and techniques and
begin by brushing the fur, cleaning the ears and trimming the nails. The dog is then
helped into a bath where they are washed with special shampoo and conditioner
before being thoroughly dried and prepared for a cut (if the client insists). The most
important thing is that the dog is healthy and happy!

What can I do at home?

All of the above can be done at home but it can be a lengthy task and most
households don’t have the time to provide such care. Nevertheless, it is important to
brush your dog regularly to remove fur that has shredded and it’s also a great
opportunity to create a close bond with your dog. These are opportunities to help
relax both yourself and your dog and it gets them used to being handled and avoid
grooming issues.

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